Looking for Professionaly Prepared and Highly Skilled Travel Nurses?

We work with some great companies already. If you are interested in finding Best-in-Class Travel Nurses would love to discuss your needs.

Why Choose Hudson Staffing

Fast Hiring Process

Hudson knows our nurses on a personal basis, so we can provide perfect matches in hours, not days or weeks.

Low Fees

Hudson’s boutique level of service doesn’t require red tape and a huge bureaucracy, so our fees remain below industry averages.

Large Talent Pool

Whether you need a travel nurse, a therapist, or an allied clinician, we have the qualified candidates and to perfectly match your open assignments.

Experienced RN Recruiters

Hudson is 100% owned and operated by nurses who understand the nuances that make all the difference in recruiting the best and brightest talent.

18+ Years of Experience

There is no substitute for having worked countless hours as traveling nurses across the country. It’s why we always stress quality over quantity.

Referral Bonuses

Hudson’s family atmosphere and culture extends to offering the best (and simplest) referral bonuses in the industry.

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